How to Create Clever Riddles for Your Scavenger Hunt


A scavenger hunt is never complete without good and clever riddles. Contrary to the belief of many, creating your own scavenger hunt riddles is not as difficult as it seems. For as long as you have a creative imagination and the patience to search online, you will be able to come up with your own scavenger hunt riddles and you will even have fun doing it.


In this article, allow me to share with you some tips that you may use as your guide when creating Riddle Me for your scavenger hunt.


  1. Organize everything.


Before you start creating good riddles at, you must first organize everything for your scavenger hunt. Take time to make a list of good hiding places. If you are hosting your scavenger hunt inside your home, your tables, beds, picture frames, and shelves can be good hiding places. If you are hosting the event outside your home, you can use your flower pots, mailbox, and birdhouses. List them all down because this will be your guide.


  1. Use the internet to your advantage.


If this is your first time creating riddles and this is not really your bread and butter, don’t worry because the internet is always there to help you out. Now that most people already have mobile phones and computers with good internet connection, this task should be a walk in the park for you. Take a look at the list of hiding places you created earlier and start looking for good riddles online. To do this, all you have to do is utilize your browser’s search engine. Be specific with the keywords you type in order to get better results. Here is an example, you may type “birdcage riddle”. When creating riddles, make sure that you consider the age of the people participating in your scavenger hunt. You don’t want to give very difficult riddles to children because they will end up giving up. To learn more about riddle, visit


  1. Prepare clues.


If not even a single participant can answer the riddles you have prepared, your scavenger hunt will be a huge disaster. To avoid this from happening, make sure that you also prepare clues. When doing so, I strongly recommend that you use rebus clues. For those who are unaware, a rebus represents a word through photographs. For example, if the answer to your riddle is “plant”, show a picture of an apple (minus) a picture of an ape (plus) a picture of an ant.


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